VA Zoom Code of Conduct and Ethics


VA Zoom is a vibrant online community which supports virtual assistants and small business owners to achieve their potential through job-matching, online networking and educational content. It is vital that all users respect VA Zoom’s Code of Conduct and Ethics in order to create a positive and cooperative environment for everyone. We therefore ask that users understand the Code of Conduct and Ethics and operate within its guidelines.

Respect: All users of VA Zoom have a right to dignity – Showing mutual respect helps to support this right.

Equality: All users and suppliers should be treated equally, regardless of race, gender, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or age. Users are expected to behave in such a way that respects and promotes equality.

Integrity: Users of VA Zoom must operate with integrity and must not seek intentionally to mislead or misrepresent. Those governed by the Code of Conduct and Ethics must be truthful.

Fairness: Users have a right to expect fair treatment – Providing clear information before, during and after engaging in any working relationship helps to uphold this right. Virtual assistants should provide the level of service that they have led clients to expect and in return should receive payment in accordance with agreed terms. Vexatious and inaccurate complaints against users will not be tolerated by VA Zoom.

Leadership: All those governed by the Code of Conduct and Ethics should actively promote and support its principles and be willing to challenge and report poor behaviour where it occurs.

Standard of behaviour: Users of VA Zoom have a right to feel safe and free from conflict, abuse or harassment therefore users are expected to uphold the following standards of behaviour:

  • Be polite

  • Do not use aggressive, abusive or offensive language

  • Be truthful

  • Do not incite hatred

  • Be courteous

  • Do not seek intentionally to upset other users

  • Do not upload imagery which could cause offence or upset to other users

Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements: Users must comply with all relevant law and regulations which govern their operations for example:

  • Employment

  • Tax liabilities

  • Data protection

  • Anti-money laundering

  • Anti-discrimination

Harassment: Harassment is any unwanted behaviour which an individual finds intimidating, upsetting, embarrassing, humiliating or offensive. VA Zoom does not tolerate such breaches of respect for other users, and care must be taken to ensure that one’s actions cannot be interpreted as such.

Complaints: VA Zoom takes user complaints very seriously. Users are encouraged to speak up if they have reasonable cause to believe that there has been a breach in the Code of Conduct and Ethics by another user. VA Zoom undertakes to investigate all reasonable complaints and will address concerns following the results of the investigation, where appropriate.