20 Jobs a Virtual Assistant Can Do to Help Grow Your Business

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Do you keep hearing all about virtual assistants and wondering what a virtual assistant can do to help you grow your business? 

Virtual Assistants come in all shapes and sizes – some specialise by sector while others get down and dirty with a specific task which they’ve mastered to the point of VA wizardry. In most cases, if there’s a job you need doing, there’s a Virtual Assistant who’ll be able to do it.

So what types of job can a Virtual Assistant do to help you grow your business?

1) Account maintenance & book-keeping

If your accountant is badgering you about the STATE OF YOUR BOOKS, a Virtual Assistant can help keep your receipts, accounts payable and receivable, and payroll in check. There are loads of cloud-based book-keeping services available which makes it easy for a VA to work remotely on your accounts.

2) Audio/video editing

As an entrepreneur you’ll probably know that more and more content is being consumed via audio and video. If you don’t have the time to add a bit of SPARKLE to your content, a Virtual Assistant can step in and put the finishing touches to your work.

jobs a virtual assistant can do

3) Content creation and copy-writing

Many entrepreneurs list creating regular, engaging content as one of their most challenging and time-consuming jobs.  Not all of us are natural-born writers and that’s OK because you’re here to share your other talents with the world and this is something you can DEFINITELY out-source. Once a VA is familiar with your voice, you’ll be able to set a brief and leave them to create the content or copy for you.

4) Data Entry

OK, so I’ve NEVER met anyone who enjoys data entry! And if you’re super busy, that’s when fat fingers and human error starts to creep in. You want your data to be error-free, so let a Virtual Assistant handle this job for you – they’ll have more time to stay focused and accurate so you can be more confident in the quality of your data.

They'll have more time to stay focused and accurate so you can be more confident in the quality of your data

5) Diary management

Not naturally organised? Keep double-booking yourself because your diary’s in a jumble? NO SWEAT!  Thanks to cloud software, you can share your diary with a Virtual Assistant anywhere in the world and they’ll be able to juggle your appointments and they’ll make sure your life runs like clockwork.

6) Email marketing and automation

jobs a virtual assistant can do

If Mailchimp gets you all tied up in knots – I feel your pain. I’ve been sucked down the rabbit hole of mail automation hell on more than one occasion. Tech VAs get a strange THRILL out of auto-responders so instead of tearing your hair out and wasting hours of your life building a single email campaign, hire a Virtual Assistant and she’ll get it done in no time.

7) Events management

A Virtual Assistant will happily take over the planning and coordinating of your company EVENTS AND PARTIES. They’ll be armed with a list of venues and suppliers who can put together an event to remember, without you having to stress about the details.

8) Human resource management

If you run a small team but don’t have the headcount for a FULLY-FLEDGED HR person or department, you might want to consider bringing in a Virtual Assistant with expertise in HR. They’ll be able to give you the guidance you need to manage your staff, without needing a full time member of staff.

9) Image sourcing and editing

You know that your audience is more likely to notice your content if it’s visually intriguing or exciting but it’s also a time-consuming process to source non-cheesy stock images and then edit them to FIT YOUR BRAND. There are Virtual Assistants out there who specialise in design software such as Canva, who can take your ideas and turn them into amazing visuals so you don’t have to spend your precious hours screaming at your PC.  

10) Invoice management

Do you have piles of half-finished invoices to send out, UNPAID BILLS that need chasing and a backlog of accounts that you need to pay? This is another job that can be out-sourced to a Virtual Assistant. It’s critical to keep on top of all the money coming in and going out, but it’s also a job that takes a whole lot of time and organisation. 

jobs a virtual assistant can do

A VA can help keep you on top of things so you don’t hit cash-flow issues further down the line.

It's critical to keep on top of all the money coming in and going out

11) Legal and compliance

You’ll probably remember all the drama around the new GDPR legislation that came in, and updates to Data Protection law. When you’re a busy entrepreneur it’s easy to get a little SLACK WITH YOUR COMPLIANCE procedures, but not complying with the law can have devastating consequences for your reputation and your business. 


A VA can’t replace a lawyer (so I’m afraid they can’t make the legal bills go away) but they can make sure you’re following procedures and that everything has been documented the way it should be.

12) Minute-taking

With the increase in video-conferencing you can ask a Virtual Assistant to hop on your ZOOM CALL and take minutes for you, so you can focus on leading your meeting. In just the same way as a traditional PA would take notes from their seat around a physical conference table, a VA can be in the background logging all of the important points from your meetings.

13) Personal errands

This might sound a bit impersonal, but especially in the run-up to Christmas, taking time out of your day to source and buy the PERFECT PRESENTS for your loved ones can feel almost impossible. Thanks to online shopping, you can ask a Virtual Assistant to research gift ideas for you, or even purchase them on your behalf.   

14) Presentation preparation

jobs a virtual assistant can do

You have an important speaking gig coming up and you’re busy rehearsing your presentation ready for the big day. If you’re great at public speaking but not so hot on putting together an appealing presentation, you don’t need to be let down by your LACK OF FLAIR for design.  A Virtual Assistant can take your words and put them into a presentation that you can be proud of.

15) Proof-reading

With all of the content you need to produce, you can sometimes get word-blind and MISS YOUR HOWLERS after you’ve hit the Publish button. If you’re fed up of embarrassing typos but don’t have time to read and re-read your written work, send it to a VA to proof-read so you can feel confident that you’re content is error-free.

It's easy to get word-blind and miss your howlers after you've hit the Publish button

16) Research

Whether it’s market research or research for a white paper or book you’re writing, you can hire a Virtual Assistant to take on some of the leg-work when it comes to scouring the web or getting through PILES OF BOOKS and pulling together the information you need.

17) Social media management

When you’re building your presence on social media, it takes CONSISTENT CONTENT to make an impact for your business. But producing and managing all the social posts can be a real drain on your time, even with the help of scheduling software. From fully taking on your social media accounts, to spending time answering comments on your feed, a Virtual Assistant can take on as much or as little of your social media as you want.

18) Spreadsheet and database management

jobs a virtual assistant can do

Believe it or not, there are people out there (myself included) who LOVE a spreadsheet. 


If you’re not one of those people, there’s a VA out there who is. So let an Excel nerd take the pain out of your spreadsheets and databases!

19) Translation

Although web-based translation tools are improving all the time, there’s still a long way to go before they fully REPLACE TRANSLATORS. If you need some documentation translated into another language, some Virtual Assistants have the language skills necessary to do this for you. 


(It’s worth noting that translators should only translate from a second language into their mother tongue. i.e. I would be able to translate from Italian into English but not the other way around).

Translators should only translate from a second language into their mother tongue

20) Web development and maintenance

99.9% of business owners will have a website of some description. Putting together your site and managing all of the site updates can be time-consuming especially if you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing.  A tech VA will be able to help you navigate your way through the WORDPRESS JUNGLE so that you don’t waste time trying to figure it out for yourself.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of jobs that a virtual assistant can help you with – if you can imagine it, a VA can do it! But now that you have a better idea of how a virtual assistant can help, you’ll be able to draw up a list of the areas where you might benefit from some support in your business.

Make sure you come back for our next blog where you’ll discover the 5 Signs that you need to hire a virtual assistant for your business.

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